Poker strategy and card combination

Poker strategy is called the whole set of tricks and tricks used by players during the game. Despite the fact that most card games are characterized by medium and high influence of randomness, it is not worth neglecting a thorough study of poker tactics and strategy.

Poker strategy

The simple rules of this board game often mislead beginners, but if you dig deeper, then the player opens up boundless scope for creating, developing and improving their own strategies, tactical action plan, and the effectiveness of its implementation.

Poker strategies depend on whether you play:

  • In an online casino or a specialized poker room.
  • At a real cash table.
  • As part of a professional tournament.

Among the most popular strategies in online poker are “tight-aggressive” and “loose-aggressive” styles of play, which allow the player to exploit the “weaknesses” of opponents to the maximum advantage. Depending on the size of the stack, the tactics of the game can be based on the strategies of BSS, MSS, SSS.

The tactics of playing Texas Hold’em poker at the cash table can be more varied, since in such a game there are no time limits, if necessary and free funds, you can always buy more chips.

Also, under favorable circumstances, you can play a prepared range of hands in poker. Tournament poker strategy has its own characteristics, determined by the limited stack size and the pressure of the time factor.

To develop an effective strategy, it is important to thoroughly understand poker terminology, master the key techniques used at different stages of the game, and use poker mathematics.

It is also worth delving into the psychological aspects, developing the skills of personal discipline, which will be useful to you not only during amateur and professional poker tournaments, but also in other life situations. A strong base of fundamental knowledge will allow you to gradually master new concepts, and, as a result, receive higher incomes from participating in tournaments.

During poker games, combinations (hands) play the most important role.

According to poker card combinations, books are written, tables and electronic programs for calculating probability are created, various legends are composed about them.

What hands to play poker with is a question asked by beginners who are just starting to comprehend the basics of Texas Hodlem and other varieties of this card game.

There are 10 poker combinations in total. In principle, they are not difficult to remember and every novice player needs to know them. Indeed, without a clear understanding of the strength of the hands, it is impossible to objectively assess your chances of winning. If we distribute all poker combinations by seniority, we get the following picture.

The main mistakes of beginners

How to quickly learn to play poker and win? To begin with, try to learn the rules as best as possible, study the combinations of cards. In your first games against real opponents, don’t make the typical mistakes of a poker “teapot”.

Error: Ignoring the position taken.
Tip: The best place at the poker table is traditionally considered to be late positions, while in the early stages it is important to be as careful as possible (if the hand is weak, it is better to fold the cards altogether).

Mistake: Too aggressive
Tip: Professional players allow themselves to be aggressive, but within acceptable limits. If you are just learning to play Texas poker, you can pay for excessive aggression with your money and reputation.

Error: Ignoring the number of participants
Tip: The more players gathered at the same table, the less likely it is to collect a decent combination. It is worth playing only the most powerful hands, and the rest without hesitation to throw off in a pass.

Mistake: Inadequacy in rates
Tip: To show the strength of your hand and earn extra money on the “calling”, you can safely bet 50-100% of the pot amount. Use poker math to calculate bets!

Mistake: Absolute Predictability
Tip: If the rest of the participants “read” you like an open book, you should not count on serious earnings. At the same time, non-standard actions help professional players to confuse opponents and break the maximum bank.

Mistake: Discomfort while playing
Tip: Is something keeping you from focusing all the time? Are you constantly distracted from the table? Are you not in the best mood? Refusal to play in this state will help to avoid defeat, serious financial losses.

Mistake: Uncontrolled excitement
Tip: If during the game you do not notice the onset of the “black line” and continue to bet in the hope that you are about to be lucky, as a result you lose all the money, reconsider your attitude to card games, do not let the feeling of excitement prevail over the mind!

Poker is played for money, so this board can hardly be called a children’s table. Older teenagers, in principle, can learn to play Texas Hold’em, but only under the supervision of their parents. At the same time, it is better not to use real money for making bets. At the same time, the table poker game will be a great gift for an adult who likes to tickle his nerves during home card tournaments. Of course, you can give preference to online poker, but even the most realistic graphics will not allow you to feel the very unique atmosphere that reigns at a real poker table.