All about casino games

This is all that you can find in the “casino” tab on gambling sites. Just briefly and conditionally, all casino games can be divided into the following categories.

Slots are slot machines

The most popular games of the so-called mass-gaming. The most common games in both online casinos and land-based gambling establishments (except Asia). Once upon a time, when slots were mechanical or electromechanical, they were a fairly harmless game with a low RTP of about 60% and had real spinning reels with symbols applied there.

Now there are no drums, they are imitated by the computer screen. It is believed that the most cost-effective slots should have an RTP in the range of 94%-97%. RTP = Return to player. This is a marketing form of recording the so-called negative mathematical expectation indicator.

RTP = 94%-97% means that the slots have a negative mathematical expectation of (-3%)-(-6%). The smaller the module of the negative mathematical indicator, the slower the player loses his deposit, but the higher the addictiveness (psychological addiction) to the game, as a rule.


Outwardly, many people confuse these games with slots. The same computer screen. The only task is to collect a high poker hand from the cards dealt. Unlike slots in video poker, the game depends on the skill of the player. With a competent strategy, RTP can sometimes be increased up to 99% (-1% in the form of a negative mathematical expectation).

At one time, there were video poker machines in Las Vegas casinos, where, due to incorrect calculations by game developers, the RTP with a competent player’s strategy ranged from 101% to 103% (+ 1% – + 3% positive mathematical expectation). The error was corrected, but several players managed to become dollar millionaires.

Casino Arcade

Genre online casino. Simple games, with a primitive plot. Nothing depends on the player. All are built on the same principle of negative mathematical expectation.

Scratch Cardscasino games.

They imitate the erasing of the protective layer from lottery tickets. Suitable for draining “lottery” traffic from the so-called “instant lotteries”. It is not for nothing that in previous posts we wrote a lot about “lottery” traffic.

Decision-making games Probably not quite the correct name. This is a completely new class of games that came to classic online casinos most likely from financial gambling. A reference example of this game is “Aviator”.

Table games

These are classic games played on regular tables in land-based casinos. As a rule, they are divided into “card games” such as blackjack, poker-based-games (not to be confused with classic club poker. The latter is also played offline in casinos, but online there are special sites or sections on sites for it, the so-called poker- rooms).

Games with dice (cubes) – “craps”, “sic bo”. Games for which special equipment is used. For example, roulette. Moreover, any game can be divided into many different options. Offline, for example, roulette is: European, French, American.

Online, in addition to these three main options, countless options are added, fruit roulette, no-zero roulette, mini roulette, etc. The most common game of VIP players in the world also belongs to the card games. This is baccarat.

Wheels of fortune

Pretty primitive games based on the same principle of negative mathematical expectation. Came online from a Las Vegas casino. In addition to the above division, all casino games can be divided on two major grounds, computer simulations and so-called live games.

The last is when a real dealer throws a roulette ball or dice, or distributes cards, in a specially equipped studio with a webcast. Often such studios are located in real land-based casinos, and ordinary players can watch the work of live dealers.

Sports betting In general, bets in gambling are not only made on sports. But the vast majority of bets fall on them. Sports are bet on in two main formats.

Recreational bookmakers

The vast majority of bookmakers that an affiliate works with fall into the category of “recreational bookmakers”. These are usually large, widely advertised sites that also contain casinos.

Recreational bookmakers are focused on ordinary non-professional players, their bets are distinguished by a high level of margin included in the odds. They often arrange various promotions in the form of bonuses, etc.

Bookmakers for pro-players

As a rule, they are based in the region of the Asian Far East. They are not widely advertised, they prefer to work not through affiliates, but through an agent system. They have a huge number of players and turnovers, and in fact they work in the exchange mode, being only intermediaries between the players.

As a rule, they do not have any licenses, or they use licenses for a “showcase”, but in terms of payments they are considered more reliable than recreational bookmakers.

Unlike recreational bookmakers, pro bettors often use anonymous betting accounts and do not conduct AML/KYC procedures. Little is known about this market. But it is there that professional VIP players prefer to bet. It is on such sites that syndicates involved in organizing match-fixing prefer to place their bets.